HomeOptima Inc., Brokerage

HomeOptima Inc., Brokerage has created a revolutionary new website that provides homebuyers, home sellers and renters with a wide variety of insights, allowing them to make the best possible decisions about purchasing, selling or renting a home in the Greater Toronto Area. Unlike traditional real-estate providers which focus on home listings, HomeOptima starts by offering extensive, useful and relevant information to help Homebuyers focus first on the right city or neighbourhood and then on the right home. Its intuitive, easy to use approach allows homebuyers to select various personal preferences, which are then used in a proprietary algorithm to instantly recommend the cities, neighbourhoods, and even the homes that best match their preferences.

While traditional real estate sites focus on “homes-homes-homes,” HomeOptima knows it’s really all about “location-location-location.” HomeOptima empowers homebuyers to choose the things that are important to them like crime rates, green space, public transit, commute times, good schools, value for money, proximity to family, and in-depth demographics including ages and backgrounds of people who live in each neighbourhood.

HomeOptima can instantly rank top Ten neighbourhoods from over 1300 neighbourhoods by how closely they align with any one’s personal preferences, and even zoom in on specific property listings with embedded MLS listings. In seconds, each individual property is scored based on the homebuyer’s personalized commute, community, and convenience (“3C”) giving them an unbiased rating for how closely they truly align with their preferences. HomeOptima allows homebuyers and their representatives find the right home, in the right area, saving countless hours spent doing research or seeing homes that ultimately end up being a poor fit.

HomeOptima supplements the value a real estate representative brings to the home buying process. HomeOptima will enable homebuyers to evaluate and connect to the realtor of their choice with relevant information captured by HomeOptima. Homebuyers can connect with potential realtors that specialize in their areas of interest allowing them to make informed decisions about right person for the job.

The website arms homebuyers with the most detailed and up to date information available anywhere, helping ensure that they find the right home, the right way. HomeOptima will appeal to everyone - from those who are completely unfamiliar with the GTA, those who know the city but are looking for the right neighbourhood and even those who are simply looking to find a new home in a neighbourhood they already know.